Ten Habits That Are Helpful in Keeping Marriages Strong

  1. Don’t Try To Change Each Other
    Happy couples know their partner’s differences, and have somewhat stopped trying to change the other person.  Instead of trying to fight your partner’s personality style, focus on each other’s strengths.
  2. Frame Your Demands as Favors
    Your partner will be more likely to change their behavior if they feel they will get relationship brownie points.  Present it like ‘here is what I need to make me happy.’
  3. Vocalize Your Appreciation
    Give your partner positive reinforcement at least three times a day, being specific.
  4. Focus On the Positive
    If you look at what your partner is doing that’s right, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.  It’s a choice to flip your mindset.
  5. Take Trips Down Memory Lane
    Reliving memories verbally to your partner changes your mindset, and how you view them and think about your relationship.  Focus on the happy times.
  6. Never Side With the Enemy
    Support your partner when they need to vent.  Don’t try to fix the problem, but instead be a listening ear.  Never take the side of the person they are venting about.
  7. Don’t Get Too Comfortable
    Relationships can be fragile.  Happy couples continue to date, complement each other, and have fun together.
  8. Have Rituals of Connection
    Happy couples seem to do a lot of mundane things together.  They have their own little habits they decide to do together.
  9. Know Your Partner’s Calls for Attention
    Understand those little verbal hints your partner makes for attention, and respond to their need to connect.  Do something special to show your care.
  10. Keep Doing the Little Things
    What matters are all the small things that add up, such as noticing when your partner needs a hug, or making their favorite meal for no special reason.

~ Remember, marriage is about trust, commitment, and knowing each other.

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