Covenant Making, Covenant Breaking, and Resurrection

In the Old Testament, every covenant had to be sealed with blood.  In the Old Testament, an animal was the sacrifice that was killed and split in half, and it’s blood was shed to seal the covenant.  The animal took our place, and we lived.  But when we break covenant, we take the animal’s place, because covenant has been broken and now we must die.  When we are in covenant with God, we have relationship with God.  Breaking covenant means that we no longer have relationship with God, and separation from God is death.  And that was what Christ experienced on the cross.  Christ took upon Himself the sins of the world as the Lamb of God, and experienced death.  It should have been us on the cross that died instead of Christ.  If you reject Christ, you accept death.  When we accept Christ, we accept life and life more abundantly.  Covenant begins with death.  And breaking covenant results in death.  Examples could be the death of a marriage, the death of a business, the death of a friendship, or the death of a relationship.  Since Jesus overcame death by His resurrection, then Jesus is the resurrection to any death cause by breaking covenant.

John 11:25