It Is Well

Gracious Reflections …

IT IS WELL! by Donna R. Rutherford

I hear this phrase many times when I ask someone how they are doing: “I’m blessed and highly favored,” or “It is well. All is well.” Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with saying those things, if you really believe it. Sometimes a person can speak those words so many times, it becomes a habit, a cliché, just something to say without any substance. For those of us who are facing ongoing struggles, disappointments, or broken promises, do you really believe IT IS WELL? What do you do when God does not move the mountain you’re facing? Can you still say IT IS WELL? How do you respond when your family doesn’t give you the support you need? Do you still love them anyway, and say IT IS Well? What do you do when a brother or sister in Christ is the one gossiping about you? Do you still love and pray for them, and say IT IS WELL? Only you can answer these questions. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with God. He already knows, but He wants you to confront yourself. Let all of us stop going through life just speaking a cute saying for the sake of speaking it. Take inventory. Examine yourself. It’s time for us to get off milk and become mature Christians that eat meat.