He Has Called You

Gracious Reflections

He Has Called You by Donna R. Rutherford

The truth of the matter is, He has called you. That’s right. Jesus Christ has called you. For this job, He said, “I WANT YOU.” Why are you still seeking approval from others? Why are you constantly trying to find excuses for not stepping into your greatness? Would it matter more to receive confirmation from your crew?

You are unique. There is no one like you. Get that through your head. Let it settle in your spirit. You are a messenger of Good News. Don’t box God in. Let Him decide how it should be delivered. God has a special plan and purpose created just for you. This is your journey. Father God has already written the script. Look no further. The Word of God over your life is your final authority.

Be excited about what God is doing. Don’t be afraid of where He is taking you. He’s right there with you.