God’s Grace

What did you do to deserve your blessings?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Don’t be confused!  It wasn’t the school you graduated from.  It wasn’t your social media connections.  It wasn’t your job.  It wasn’t your neighborhood.  It wasn’t the hook-up with your Pastor and his friends.  It wasn’t the car you drive.  It wasn’t the suit you wore on your job interview.  It wasn’t because you prayed for an hour today.  It wasn’t because of your business.  It wasn’t because of your inner circle.  It’s not even because you witnessed to someone today.  It’s only God’s Grace!  That’s it!


The Father’s House

It’s the Father’s House. It’s not up to us to decide who comes home. We all have a shady past. Some more tumultuous than others. Examples would be alcoholics, drug users, pimps, prostitutes, adulterers, abusers, etc. You may not know a person’s past. Does it matter? But once you do find out, and this person with a shady history comes to Jesus Christ, are you really happy? Do you really rejoice with that person? Would you still be hesitant about hanging out with that person? Would you trust that person? Before you point that finger of judgment, or even think in your mind that your sin isn’t as bad as the other person’s sin, remember it’s the Father’s House. It was God’s grace that saved you. Nothing else.