What’s in YOUR Hand?

Do you feel inadequate? Are you questioning your value? We all go through our own personal struggles on the inside. You have to remind yourself daily that your Creator, Father God, is pleased with YOU. He’s asking you to trust the gifts that He has given you. Trust Him. He knows what you are capable of.  Moses had to have the same conversation with God.  Now God is asking you, ” What’s in YOUR hand?”

Get Off The Comparison Train

In the natural, we all love to receive gifts. Gifts come in different sizes and types. Sometimes we get more caught up in the size of the gift, instead of what the gift is, or the Giver. We do the same thing in the spiritual. We compare the gifts in one another and put more value and emphasis on certain ones. We may devalue a person based on whether we like, or are drawn to the gift in them. When someone has a gift that’s like yours, you’re cool about it. If someone’s gift is different than yours, and it rubs you the wrong way, you may find yourself disliking that person. Is it the person, or you dislike their gift? Are you envious and jealous of their gift?

What about the blessings God gives us? Do you compare blessings? God blesses your brother or sister with a house. He blessed you with a house also. Their house is HUGE. Your house is not as big. Does God love them more because their house is bigger than yours? Do you wonder if they are spiritually richer than you because their blessing is bigger? Do you leave their home thinking about your blessing and asking God why He didn’t bless you with a bigger house? It never occurred to you that you’re not homeless and appreciate that fact. You’re more focused on the size of their blessing.

If someone gets blessed before you do, it doesn’t mean they are more special than you, and vice versa. If God blesses you later, it doesn’t mean that God is holding out delivering your gift because your gift is more special – that would be showing favoritism. There is no favoritism in the Kingdom of God (Romans 2:11). He loves us the same. He blesses us the same. God chooses the timing of our blessings for different reasons. He chooses the way our blessings may come, but we should never compare them. The enemy wants you to compare them. He wants to put doubt in your mind. He wants to stir up strife, envy, competition, and jealousy. Those are deeds of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21).

God sees us as ONE Body (Romans 12:4-5). Each member of the Body has a different function, but they all need each other.

It’s time to get off the comparison train and learn to love and respect the gifts God has given us. Focus on the Giver, Jesus Christ. REJOICE with one another. Every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17).