The Mask of Many Faces

People are measuring themselves against society’s beauty standard that is airbrushed. For some people, the opinion of others matter more. A person can be so desperate for acceptance that they don’t fully understand the affect it can have on them.

They don’t see the long-term consequences. They don’t see there’s a price to be paid for their actions. It can cause them to keep secrets. A person can spend their whole life trying to fix it. Trying to make things right. And that’s what happened to me.

Life is not about the destination. It’s about how you make the journey. And how you make the journey is up to you.

I had to learn that what makes me mighty is based on knowing God loves me. I had to be rooted and grounded in the knowledge that God loves me. Knowing that God loves me is my power.

Don’t allow people to take away your power. Your perception of yourself is how your enemy will see you.

God has already written every page of your life. Don’t be afraid to turn the page to see the next chapter.

A new beginning for you is here!
Embrace It!
Walk in It!
Love It!