Have you turned the page to the next chapter in your life? What would the title be? Are you excited about it or fearful? I’m reminded of the movie and TV show “Mission: Impossible.” The Impossible Mission Force (IMF) Team would listen to the tape giving them their next assignment. The tape would say: “If you choose to accept this assignment, this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds.” What always intrigued me was that there was no button to push on the machine to NOT ACCEPT the assignment. The Director of the IMF, who was giving them their assignments on the tape, always believed they would accept their assignments. And the IMF Team had to trust their Director, and believe that he wouldn’t give them an assignment that they couldn’t fulfill. It’s not about what everyone else is doing. It’s not about everyone else doing something similar. That doesn’t matter. Stop desiring to do something else that God has not told you to do. Stop desiring to walk where He has not told you to go, and has not paved your path. What is your assignment from God? Be faithful in your assignment. Be obedient to your assignment. Stop desiring to push the DO NOT ACCEPT button. God didn’t give you that option.

Philippians 4:13

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