My Compass

Been there. Even when you get encouragement from your friends and family, sometimes you can be so fearful of taking that first step to get out of your comfort zone. It can be paralyzing. The enemy sends fear to take a grip on you so you can’t hear the voice of God. The Lord Jesus Christ did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us power. He gave us a sound mind. He gave us love. He gave us peace. He is the best compass you could ever have. He won’t steer you wrong. Letting Him have control of your life takes the stress off of you. He has the plans. It’s time to let Father God be your guide.


How many of us are dealing with this? You know – I woulda. I coulda. I wish I did. Maybe if I had tried harder. What would have happened if I had just followed instructions? Where could I be now if I had just listened to that small, still voice on the inside? If I had sought Godly counsel, instead of doing my own thing, maybe things would be different. The list of REGRETS is a reminder everyday that things could have been better, if only we had made the right choice. Don’t let this be you. It’s painful living with regrets.

Where Are You?

Uh oh! “Where Are You?” is not the question you want God to ask you. If He does, somebody is in trouble. He knows where you are, but He’s giving you a chance to respond. He knows you’ve been avoiding Him. He knows you’ve separated yourself from Him. He knows your relationship with Him is not as hot as it use to be.  God just wants you to see it.  He wants you to admit it. He wants you to see that you’re the one who left. But He loves you so much, He still takes the time to pursue you.  If the question comes up, it’s a great opportunity to get it right.
How will you respond?

Shut the Door

Just thinking about a few things that some of us, myself included, may need to SHUT THE DOOR to while on our journey.  With the Lord’s help, we can.

Think about shutting the door to:

Envy. Jealousy. Competition. Chasing after people. Disrespect. Anger. Seeking affirmation. Low self-esteem. Sexual abuse. Verbal abuse. Emotional abuse. Trying to impress people. Slander. Straddling the fence. Scheming. Using a substance to fill the void in your heart and spirit. People taking advantage of you. Wearing a mask. Unforgiving. Exalting yourself. Fear. Being in control. Making excuses. Ungodly counsel. The voice of the enemy. Your past. Words that wound. Begging. Using food for comfort. Liars. Insecurity. Trusting man before God. Unhealthy friendships. Ungodly relationships. People with a hidden agenda. Rudeness. Laziness. Seeking things before God. Trusting mammon. Unwholesomeness. Hatred. Cliques. Trying to fit in. Distractions. Uncleanliness. Unkindness. Mismanagement. Belittlement. Bitterness. Prejudice. Coveting. Discord. Injustice. Offenses. Strife. Clamor. Stress. Comparison. Using a person to fill the void in your heart and spirit. Poor communication. Fake friends. Wavering. Searching for everything instead of God. Trying to measure up. Opinionated people. People stepping over your boundaries. Procrastination. Manipulation. Giving up. The weight roller coaster. Trying to always be right. Selfishness. Not loving others. Feeling you are not enough. Not loving YOU.