About RTW

Reconciled to Wholeness Ministries desires to give inspirational and biblical encouragement to the lost and needy. We have a heart for the homeless, seeing them established and lending a helping hand for them to get on their feet. We want them to see themselves as God sees them.

It is important to discover who God said you are. Also, to discover who God is. Your identity is in the Lord Jesus Christ because of your relationship with Him. If you don’t know who you are, you will abuse your life. A spiritual change in the heart and mind is needed. God is the one who will restore what is broken.

Adults struggle with peer pressure also. Some adults are still comparing themselves to others. We all need to realize that God has already affirmed and accepted us. If anyone is experiencing the sting of feeling disregarded or rebuffed, only God can heal those wounds. He already knows and sees every wound and hurt we carry, but we still need to be honest with Him about them.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, the need to be loved, respected, understood, and valued is universal.